Putting Flattr on A WordPress.com Blog: A Guide for Drooling Imbeciles

If you are using a WordPress.com blog, and have no idea how to do anything remotely technical, here’s how you can add a Flattr button to your home page, and watch the money roll in.

1.) Open a Flattr.com account here. This should be reasonably straightforward. A monkey hitting keys at random could manage it in about half an hour. It took me less than 45 minutes.

2.) In the top right of ‘Your Flattr Dashboard’ there is a button ‘Submit Thing’. Click on that and enter the details of your blog – the URL and a description. Flattr will create a page – for example, https://flattr.com/thing/162940/example-blog

3.) You need to save an image that will act as a Flattr button on your blog. The simplest way to do that is to search google images for Flattr. Find a Flattr in .jpg format, then drag it onto your desktop, or save it to a folder.

4.) Log into your WordPress account. You now need to upload the Flattr image on your PC to the WordPress.com server. Go to the WordPress Dashboard, click on ‘Media’ and then click on ‘Add New’. Upload the Flattr .jpg from your computer. When you’ve done that, WordPress will assign it a URL, for example http://exampleblog.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/flattr_logo.jpg.

5.) Go back to the WordPress Dashboard click on ‘Appearance’. Then click on ‘Widgets’. From the list of ‘Available Widgets’ click on ‘Image’ and drag it to the right hand side of the page, into the grey box under under ‘Sidebar 1’.

6.) You need to fill in two boxes – ‘Image URL’ and ‘Link URL’. Copy and paste the Image URL from the Media Library – ie http://exampleblog.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/flattr_logo.jpg. Then copy and paste the ‘Link URL’ from the page Flattr has assigned for your blog, eg https://flattr.com/thing/162940/example-blog

7.) If you are like me you’ll need to play around with the dimensions of the image so that it looks more or less ok. The preview button is your friend.

8.) Your blog now has a Flattr button on the home page. Visitors who click on it will be taken to a page where they can put literally fractions of Euros in your tip jar. You can then beg, threaten and cajole people into supporting your vital contributions to whatever the hell it is you are contributing to.

9.) If this was any use, go and Flattr me – https://flattr.com/thing/162940/The-Return-of-the-Public. Every time you do an angel gets its wings.

10.) Retweet this page http://wp.me/pW6mS-5N

You can also put a live link at the foot of a post, too –

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