A Striking Uniformity of Language

On January 9 David Cameron told Sky News that the Scottish people deserve “a fair, clear and decisive question” on independence. On January 30, Ed Miliband told the Scottish Labour Party that a referendum should be “based on one fair question and one clear answer”. It is rather striking that the Prime Minister and the leader of the Opposition are using such similar language to set out an identical position on the issue of the forthcoming referendum. Both of them oppose further devolution. They use different kinds of mood music to justify their opposition, but they are both committed to the union in its existing form.

If Miliband is serious about reforming capitalism, his opposition makes no sense. I explain why over at Al Jazeera.


1 thought on “A Striking Uniformity of Language”

  1. Very interesting. The issue of independence itself can be seen as one of rhetoric. Opponents to devolution question what practical difference it makes to have independent Scottish stamps on their letters, independent Scottish figureheads on their money and an independent Scottish name for their country.

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