The British Legal System in Action

Judge Newdigate: What is Antichrist?

Boswell Middleton: He that practiseth and holdeth up those things which Jesus Christ witnesseth against is Antichrist.

Judge: What things are those?

B.M.: Such as are called of men masters, and go in long robes, and have the chief place in the assemblies, salutations in the market places, etc. Read to that in thy own conscience.

Judge: Thou are mad and talkest nonsense.


Examination of Boswell Middleton at York, 17 July 1654, in J. Besse, An Abstract of the Sufferings of the People called Quakers, i (1733), pp. 485-6, quoted in C. Hill, Antichrist in Seventeenth Century England (1971, 1990)


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