A Question of Governance

The BBC is a corporation established by Royal Charter. The sovereign body is the BBC Trust, which consists of twelve members. There are four members who ‘represent’ the British nations – Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England and an International Trustee. The Queen appoints all twelve trustees, ‘on advice from Ministers after an open selection process’.

The Trust is responsible for setting ‘the strategic objectives of the BBC’. A separate Executive Board is ‘responsible for the operational delivery of BBC Services and the direction of BBC editorial and creative output‘. Seven members of the Executive Board are BBC staff employees, including the Director-General, Mark Thompson. Six are non-executive directors from outside the corporation. The Trust appoints the Director-General and approves the non-executive directors. The Nominations Committee and the Executive Board appoint the rest of the directors.

You can read the rest over at the Al Jazeera site. I am keen to hear the responses of broadcasters and journalists at the BBC, in public or in private. People are edging toward the realisation that social change implies changes to the organization of inquiry. If the BBC is to survive and prosper it needs to engage with well-meaning and modest reformers.


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