Common Sense at a Discount

In March of this year I published Common Sense: Occupation, Assembly and the Future of Liberty. It is an attempt to learn from the occupations of last year and to frame a political program around a rejection of representation. Trust and representation have brought us to a crisis. Suspicion and participation hold out our best hope of a solution. Rather than relying on professionals in the media and political classes, Common Sense therefore calls for a culture of assembly, in which citizens meet as citizens to debate the fundamentals of social organization without accepting the bounds of debate that operate in the public sphere in its current mode.

Common Sense was animated in large part by the thought, memorably expressed by Rousseau, that those who do not seek to lead are not easily rendered obedient. There’s a growing consensus that the ideas that have guided us over the last generation must be revised. That work of revision is a matter for a people determined to be free.
Anyway, you can buy Common Sense for 60 pence over at Smashwords (or for 75 pence at Amazon for the next month, once Amazon have processed the price change). You can probably find it online somewhere, too, if you are against the whole paying for content thing. In which case you can Flattr democratic reform of the media. That will help fund me while I write Maximum Republic, a sequel to Common Sense, which I am working on at the moment.


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