What’s Wrong with this Picture?

The BBC’s website includes a handy graphic called ‘BBC Structure’:


‘BBC Structure’

What could be clearer?

Well, according to its most recent Charter, ‘the BBC shall comprise all the members of the BBC Trust and the Executive Board’, a grand total of 25 people.

Neither the BBC Trust nor the Executive board appear on the graphic, though together they comprise the BBC.

On its own terms, this is one of the most profoundly uninformative graphics ever produced, and I say that as someone who has watched Newsnight. On the other hand, it is educational and entertaining.

The BBC can’t describe itself accurately on its own website, which is kind of funny.

But it’s inability to do so tells us something important.

(Adam Ramsay’s article on reforming the BBC brought my attention to the graphic, and the absence of the Trust on it. His call for an elected BBC Trust is well worth a read, as is Dave Boyle’s argument for a democratic British Broadcasting Cooperative.)


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