Forty Two Reasons to Support Scottish Independence

42 Reasons Cover blog versionToday the Commonwealth publish Adam Ramsay’s Forty Two Reasons to Support Scottish Independence.

For some time I have thought that the prospect of independence in Scotland is bound to stir up a long-overdue debate about the constitution in the rest of Britain.

Of course, the English in particular will take a lot of persuading that continental innovations like popular sovereignty and embedded rights have any place in this, the land of cosy crime, cups of tea and breakneck shiftiness in the corridors of Westminster-Whitehall. But a new constitutional settlement is coming, I suspect, no matter what the result is in the September referendum. And the Scots now have something of a head start in thinking about the implications of doing away with the Crown-in-Parliament.

Adam Ramsay is one of the most interesting writers that I have come across in the context of the independence debate. He has argued tirelessly for the merits of independence in Scotland on the grounds that independence will be better for the people who live in Scotland, better for their neighbours, and better for the world.


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