The Threat We Face Right Now

Adam Ramsay has written a piece for openDemocracy, in which he makes the point that the referendum in Scotland has begin to shine a light on the constitution of the United Kingdom. He is right to say that the English need to start thinking about the kind of constitution we want. The financial crash and its aftermath revealed once and for all that bankocracy is a form of the state, the form we have now.

Change is now inevitable. The nature of the change will be determined by the quality of organization, and by our ability to articulate a vision of English independence that speaks to our times. If we do not secure a free state, and soon, then we might as well set this, from Teresa May, to music and make it the new national anthem:

We are engaged in a struggle that is fought on many fronts and in many forms.

It will go on for many years and the threat we face right now is perhaps greater than it ever has been.

We must have the powers we need to defend ourselves.



1 thought on “The Threat We Face Right Now”

  1. ‘Like’ is not quite the reaction to the chilling vision outlined in your closing statement, but yeah, we need to sort this out.

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