The Magic Kingdom – Foreword


Today the New Left Project and openDemocracy are publishing the foreword to The Magic Kingdom: Property, Monarchy and the Maximum Republic.

The book draws on recent scholarly work – especially that of Stuart White and Quentin Skinner – and explores what republican freedom in the modern era requires. It goes on to set out a neo-republican programme of constitutional reform for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The bailout of Britain’s banks triggered a crisis that has deepened through a series of ever more extraordinary scandals and revelations. If we are to put an end to this crisis we will have to take into account the institutional, technological and material changes of the last three hundred years and devise a constitution that safeguards true liberty under the law.

Liberal constitutionalism has run its course and now mutters to itself about voting systems and the House of Lords. It is time to register that the systems of communications and credit are matters of deep constitutional significance, and that a sovereign people must insist on its supremacy over those who control property.

Change in Britain is inevitable. The form it takes is up to us.

(During January the Kindle of The Magic Kingdom can be had for 99 pence. You can also order the paperback at your local independent store, which is of course preferable.)


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