How Do You Change the World?

The Greatest InventionJeremy Corbyn’s victory in the Labour leadership elections and Bernie Sanders’ barn-storming campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination have brought economic justice into the very centre of political debate in the English-speaking world. Ideas that once seemed marginal are becoming part of a new common sense.

Since 2003 the Tax Justice Network has been analysing the offshore system and the global economy on which it depends. Its members around the world have been developing both a critique of the current order (Treasure Islands, The Price of Offshore) and a programme of reform (automatic information exchange, country-by-country reporting). Working on a shoestring, they can claim to belong to one of this century’s most influential NGOs.

To order a copy of The Greatest Invention: Tax and the Campaign for a Just Society, visit The book is available as an ebook and paperback direct from the site. It can also be found at a
number of online retailers.


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