Democracy Collaborative Fellowship

I am very pleased to say that I will be working for the next six months as a Fellow at the Democracy Collaborative. The Democracy Collaborative has done extensive work in Cleveland, Ohio, and is a great storehouse of technical expertise and practical experience in promoting economic development that benefits the majority. I’ll be working there on a paper on constitutional design for the Next System Project there. The Next System Project looks to scale up lessons from community wealth-building and to help us think through, and work towards, a replacement for neoliberal capitalism.

My paper will look at the existing institutional array of the state and ask how this might be supplemented through the revival of older forms and the integration of new ones into the structures of government. I’ll also look at how the state has changed its area of operation since the late eighteenth century, and increasingly done so by judicial and executive fiat rather than through a democratically legitimate process of reform.

This project builds on a research paper I prepared for the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance‘s Colloquium on Constitutional Remedies for Oligarchic Democracy in the Summer, Restoring the Assembly: Equality in Speech and Democratic Power, which can be found here.

My 2016 ebook, The Public and the Mass, is an introduction to some of the issues I will be addressing.


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