Dan Hind

This blog is published alongside The Return of the Public (Verso, 2010). The blog aims to provide commentary on current events, and to publicise effective remedies for the economic and social crisis.

You can follow the author on twitter at http://twitter.com/danhind.

Email: thereturnofthepublic[at]gmail,com


4 thoughts on “Dan Hind”

  1. What about this?

    We the people, citizens of this country, and signatories of this document call upon the Queen to prorogue Parliament and for her government to call a general election on July 4th.
    There are no leaders amongst us, we are united by a simple idea; this Parliament is no longer legitimate because this government no longer caries the confidence of the people.
    There will be many political differences between the signatories below over the direction of our country and what choices we should make over our future. However we all recognise that a government born of coalition and acts of compromise and will never have a clear mandate to carry out a programme which will change our country’s society in such a radical fashion.
    Let politicians from all parties seek their mandate again. Let manifestos be rewritten with greater clarity. Let the people decide once more where their allegiances lie and what choices they would see. Only then can the country move on, without threat of riot or mass civil disobedience, but instead with clear focus and a direction that everyone can have confidence in.

  2. My idea is that a new accounting institute is formed called the ‘Institute of Environmental, Social and Compassionate Accountants’. Its mission would be to promote ethical behaviour in organisations by reporting on organisations performance against the interests of stakeholder groups who are not shareholders.

    1. That would be great.But then the crooks would just corrupt that one too so. Realistically Europe and United States would have to be in a state such as Egypt is currently in ton get ANYWHERE with REAL change that involves any humanity and compassion. Sadly I believe America will have to become even worse than Syria in order for change to come. Those in charge of America will never give up that power and they will get brutal.

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